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About Us

Love Your Eyes While Using High Tech.

Magic Power Digital Technology Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, the mother company of Wei Powers Inc. in the US was established on 3/26/2016. The company was build up with a group of young people with a vivid, creative, and hot blood team who insists on a principle of positive, creative, and responsible attitude to run this operation. With a World-class service team, the company is persuading a mutual growth between the operation and staff. To consumers, the company’s staffs are passionate to provide service expertise and to continue developing new and better technology on the products for the future. The company devotes its great ability to provide high-quality service and products to protect consumers in all aspects.

Mission Statement

The founder of Magic Power Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is Mr. Chen Wei, who has a lofty mission to operate this business. With Wei Powers Inc.'s products, Mr. Chen Wei hopes to achieve 3 main goals. The first goal is to educate people about the blue light harmful to their eyes. The second goal is to provide the public with the best anti-blue screen protectors, especially for those who care about their eyes and the health of their children. The third goal is to put Wei Powers Inc. in the bond between using 3C products and eye health. Taiwan's Magic Power Digital Co. and Wei Powers Inc. of the United States worked together to achieve this goal. In addition, Wei Powers Inc. has expanded its product line to include navigation systems and automotive video screen protectors. We look forward to using more useful applications in everyday life.

Meet the Team


Wei Chen

Right products can have people's better life!  


We will devote and develop great quality products to continue to bring human life safe and healthy.


Brian Lee

Enjoy life while using High technologies ! 


We are here to provide the best quality of products and help people to live better and healthier.

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